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CD/DVD Scratch Repair


Sunshine Daydream now offers a CD/DVD repair service. We have a professional CD Resurfacing Machine that wet grinds the surface. We can repair CD's & DVD's.  Almost all discs can be repaired. Even the most scratched ones can. Chips, cracks, or top label scratches can not be repaired. If you can see through the disc when held up to the light, it most likely cannot be fixed.

Scratches and CDs

When there is a scratch on the reading side it can cause the laser beam to refract and get back to the player. This is what causes those annoying skips and freezes during playback. Circle Scratches Cause more Skipping! If a scratch is parallel to the data track it will effect more information, this is why circle scratches are the most Dangerous types of scratches.

The error correction codes within every player can eliminate only a small percentage of missing or damaged information. The maximum allowable errors are usually 10% of a single block of missing data. No matter how good the player you have is, if the disc contains a scratch that effects more than 10% of the information, the player will either mute, go blank, freeze, and/or skip to the next track to find its place.

Bring Them In! Only $2.00 per disc

Bring your CDs to us and we can repair most scratches (while you wait) so that the CD or DVD plays as good as new. We guarantee our service. If we can't repair it, then you don' t pay!

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