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Family Groove Company - The Charmer
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Family Groove Company - The Charmer

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Family Groove Company - The Charmer

The Charmer
was recorded at Studio Chicago in FGC’s hometown of Chicago, IL. The album’s 14 tracks offer rich and exciting insight into the sound FGC has been cultivating over the last few years, packaged in glowing sonic clarity. “I’m really excited about the sounds we’ve captured on The Charmer,” says guitarist, Adam Lewis. “I think we made some interesting choices during the tracking process that yielded really exciting drum sounds, and Jordan’s B-3 just sounds fabulous.”

1. The Charmer (5:04)
2. Remember Sue (3:53)
3. The Money Shuffle (5:28)
4. One Eye Dreaming (5:54)
5. The Well Wisher (3:11)
6. Virginia Hill (5:58)
7. I Can't Tell You (5:40)
8. Byron's Got the Time (5:48)
9. Bird 'n' Diz (5:25)
10. Sabrina Waits (5:34)
11. The Bends (3:58)
12. Like I Said (5:54)
13. Ready Fire Aim (5:10)
14. Post Sco Ergo Propter Sco (1:45)

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