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Particle Transformations Live DVD

Particle Transformations Live DVD

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Particle Tramsformations Live DVD

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Particle, a band known for its heavy tour schedule, took a break from the road after 700 shows in eight countries over five years to begin searching for a guitar player. Now a five-piece band, Particle added two guitar players and vocalists -- Ben Combe and Scott Metzger -- to its core lineup consisting of original members Eric Gould (bass, vocals), Darren Pujalet (drums, vocals) and Steve Molitz (keyboards, vocals). Combe and Metzger each made unique and powerful impressions beyond expectations with complimentary guitar styles and vocal ability, so in the end both were asked to join. Transformations Live, recorded February 24, 2006 at Hollywood's Henry Fonda Theater, documents this turning point in Particle’s career.

Transformations Live contains three songs not on the companion 2-CD set (also available at HGMN), including a 15-minute rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” with all the evening’s special guests joining in the fun. The DVD also includes a special appearance by the Lucent Dossier dance troupe. 5.1 Surround Sound DVD bonus features include the Particle Transforms featurette (featuring “Triple Threat” and the new song “The Sweeper”), the Collaborations featurette (featuring “Simulator” with Joe Satriani) and a Transformations photo gallery (featuring the new song “Smile”).

DVD Tracks:
7 Minutes Till Radio Darkness (Part II)
Below Radar
LA Woman (with Robby Krieger)
Eye Of The Storm
Set Break
Particle People (with Blackalicious)
E-Pro (with Blackalicious)
W (with Joe Satriani and DJ Logic)
Sun Mar 11
Lucky Man
Superstition (with Joe Satriani, Robby Krieger, Blackalicious, DJ Logic, Lucent Dossier)

DVD Extras Include:
• Particle Transforms featurette with "Triple Threat" and the new song "The Sweeper"
• Collaborations featurette with "Simulator" featuring Joe Satriani
• Transformations photo gallery featuring "Smile" live 2.24.06.
• 5.1 Surround Sound

Released July 18, 2006

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