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Sublime - Second-Hand Smoke CD

Sublime - Second-Hand Smoke CD

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Sublime - Second-Hand Smoke CD

1.Doin' Time - (Uptown dub)
2.Get Out! - (remix, previously unreleased)
3.Romeo - (previously unreleased)
4.New Realization
5.Don't Push
6.Slow Ride - (previously unreleased)
7.Chick On My Tip - (previously unreleased)
8.Had A DAT - (previously unreleased)
9.Trenchtown Rock - (previously unreleased)
11.Drunk Drivin' - (previously unreleased)
12.Saw Red - (with Gwen Stefani)
13.Garbage Grove
14.April 29th, 1992 - (Leary)
15.Superstar Punani - (previously unreleased)
16.Legal Dub - (previously unreleased)
17.What's Really Goin' Wrong - (previously unreleased)
18.Doin' Time - (Eerie Splendor remix, featuring Mad Lion)
19.Thank Dub - (previously unreleased)

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