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Sublime - Gold [Explicit Lyrics] CD
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Sublime - Gold [Explicit Lyrics] CD

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Sublime - Gold [Explicit Lyrics] CD

Southern California party boys Sublime hit a soulful, frat-boy nerve with their sunny combination of ska, funk, punk, and pop. The two-disc set Gold covers a lot more ground than the abbreviated 20th Century Masters set, and is therefore a better place to turn for a comprehensive overview of the band. Though Gold doesn't have much new to offer long-time fans, it does cull the best moments from the group's three studio albums, giving a complete picture of these friendly West Coast punkers, and providing a suitable soundtrack for polishing off a six-pack en route to Venice Beach.

1.Waiting For My Ruca
2.40oz To Freedom
3.Smoke Two Joints
4.Don't Push
6.Let's Go Get Stoned
7.Scarlet Begonias
8.Live At E's
10.Chica Me Tipo
11.New Song
12.Date Rape
14.Rivers Of Babylon
15.Pool Shark
16.Steppin' Razor
17.Greatest Hits
18.Saw Red
19.Work That We Do
20.Cisco Kid
22.Boss DJ
23.Falling Idols
24.All You Need
1.Garden Grove
2.What I Got
3.Wrong Way
4.Same In The En d
5.April 29, 1992 (Miami)
9.Pawn Shop
10.Paddle Out
11.Ballad Of Johnny Butt, The
13.Under My Voodoo
14.Caress Me Down
15.Doin' Time
16.Trenchtown Rock
17.Thanx Dub
18.Get Ready
19.Caress Me Down
20.What I Got
21.Doin' Time
22.Trenchtown Rock

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