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Umphrey's McGee - Live at the Murat CD
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Umphrey's McGee - Live at the Murat CD

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Umphrey's McGee - Live at the Murat 2 CD set

Recorded in Indianapolis in April 2007 and produced by longtime “sound caresser” / honorary
seventh member Kevin Browning, the two-disc set features fan favorites like “Push the Pig,” “The
Triple Wide,” “In the Kitchen,” and “Nothing Too Fancy” along with rare tunes like the set-ending
“Padgett’s Profile” and the brief but torrid “Angular Momentum,” centered on the combo of
drummer Kris Myers and guitarist Jake Cinninger. The band also dusts off tunes like
“Hajimemashite” from ’98s Songs for Older Women, and the Yes meets Little Feat-influenced
“40’s Theme,” a live favorite for the band and its fans.

Throughout the show, UM’s invention brings the progressive instrumental chops of Zappa and the

stylistic savvy of Steely Dan. It is innovative without being indulgent, exhilarating without losing
control, and there are plenty of improv passages that keep the band and their fans off-balance.
Clearly, logging 120 gigs a year, “live” is where UM lives.

1. In the Kitchen > 4:09
2. Acoustic Improvisation > 5:03
3. Electric Improvisation > 8:03
4. In the Kitchen (Electric Structure) 2:18
5. Higgins 9:18
6. The Fuzz > 8:55
7. Nothing Too Fancy (End) 5:59
8. Ringo > 4:45
9. Hajimemashite > 5:10
10. Ringo 5:09
11. Eat 4:32

1. 40’s Theme > 9:00
2. The Triple Wide > 11:51
3. Angular Momentum > 2:55
4. Push the Pig > 10:58
5. Out of Order 8:58
6. White Man’s Moccasins 12:09
7. Padgett’s Profile 12:47

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