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Paul McCartney - Amoeba's Secret 12' EP
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Paul McCartney - Amoeba's Secret 12" EP

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Paul McCartney - Amoeba's Secret 12" EP

A Very Special, Extremely Limited Edition 12” Vinyl Record
culled from Paul’s in-store performance at Amoeba Records in Hollywood.

    Some screamed adulations. Others danced with religious fervor. Hundreds waved peace signs in the air with eternal devotion. Many wept at the sight of him. Outside the unfortunate were forced to stand and peer through windows just to get a glimpse of a living icon. Sir Paul McCartney was singing “Drive My Car”...inside a record store. Amoeba Music Hollywood was chosen as McCartney's next stop on a promotional “mini tour” for his new album Memory Almost Full. Only an hour after the official announcement on Monday the tried and true McCartney fans began to line up outside the store with lawn chairs and McCartney memorabilia in hand. By Wednesday night a lucky seven hundred fans, some coming all the way from Japan, were let into the show. Beatlemania descended upon Amoeba for the biggest show in the store's history. Fans camped out on the street for days for this once in a lifetime chance to get up close and personal with one of the most famous, beloved, and enduring musical icons of the last fifty years. Celebrities like Woody Harrelson and Alanis Morrisette could be found in the crowd but none could compare to the arrival of Ringo Starr. Although only coming to lend support to a friend the former Beatle drummer was practically mobbed as he stood in the crowd to watch the show.

    Saying this night was something special would be an understatement. The last two remaining Beatles were under the same roof. The energy was palpable. When McCartney took the stage it was almost a giant sigh of relief. It really was happening. McCartney and his band launched right into “Drive My Car” the first of twenty songs spanning his forty plus year career. The peculiarity of playing a record store was not lost on the former Beatle. After tearing through “Only Mama Knows” from his latest album he greeted the audience with, “Hello Amoeba. This has to be the most surreal gig ever. No shoplifting please.”  

    At the age of sixty-five McCartney appeared to be as exuberant and youthful as a teenager. He flawlessly shouted and screamed his way through rocking classics like “Back in the U.S.S.R.” and “I Saw Her Standing There” along with epic renditions of “The Long and Winding Road” and “Let It Be”. The show also carried more moving somber moments. Before playing a solo acoustic version of “Here Today” McCartney addressed the crowd saying, “I'd like to do a song about people who we miss tonight. I wrote this song for John. It's for George and Linda as well.” At the mere mention of late Beatles and former wife the crowd erupted into momentous applause and a few tears flowed.

    It's hard not to feel the infectious exuberance Paul McCartney brings to a performance. The man's very presence seems to bind people from all walks of life. The audience at Wednesday night's show ranged from young children to grandparents all of whom knew and sang every word to every song. That's what makes Paul McCartney such a huge presence. His music seamlessly crosses over from generation to generation with each making his songs their own. He makes music to remind us of our humanity and the goodness we all can  achieve in this life. Many have called him corny and Paul McCartney wears that tag like a badge of honor. After all, life is too short to be serious and misunderstood all the time. Few things in this world can bring total strangers together like “Hey Jude”. On Wednesday night at a record store in Hollywood over seven hundred people stood tall and sang “Hey Jude” with Paul McCartney and for a few minutes everything was good in the world. The man is living proof that a single person can use their gift to make a difference.


1. Only Mama Knows (from Memory Almost Full)

2. C Moon” (Wings)

3. That Was Me (from Memory Almost Full)

4. Saw Her Standing There (Beatles)

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