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Soul Hat - Experiment on a Flat Plane

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Soul Hat - Experiment on a Flat Plane

More musical ingenuity courtesy of Terminus Records! The people who brought you the fiery jazz/fusion
of Project Z, the keyboard mastery of Dr. Dan, and the indescribable Big Ass Truck have another unique
in Soulhat! These guys combine acoustic guitar-based tunes with all the ideas they can squeeze into one
album! There's a definite southern rock element, but it's also full of energetic grooves, tricky rhythms,
and interesting vocals that make the listener want to jump in a convertible on a sunny day and soak up the

Track List:
1- Loading
2- Plastic
3- Flat Plane
4- Mailbox
5- Gone
6- My Man Joe
8- Cash
9- City
10- Skin
11- Microwave
12- Deep Sleeper

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