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Trey Anastasio - DVD Audio
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Trey Anastasio - DVD Audio

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Trey Anastasio - DVD Audio

Bookmark and Share A special DVD Audio with advanced resolution 5.1 surround sound recording of Trey Anastasio's official solo debut.

Please Note: This plays only on players with a DVD logo.

Released 2002.

Advanced Resolution DVD-Audio provides for an excellent listeningexperience. With a sampling rate and bit depth that at least doublesthe resolution for the current CD standard, DVD Audio discs deliver sound quality that is significantly closer to the master recordingthan is possible with CDs.

The advanced resolution audio is available only when using a DVD Audio player. This disc was mixed and mastered especially for DVD-Audio

Trey Anastasio's official solo debut. Recorded at The Barn, Trey's studio in Vermont, the album features Trey backed by a long list of stellar musicians. The variety of moods, styles, lengths and tempos - from sinewy funk to pastoral etudes to structured improv - results in a kaleidoscopic yet cohesive listening experience.

Alive Again
Cayman Review
Push On 'Til the Day
Night Speaks to a Woman
Flock of Words
Money, Love and Change
At the Gazebo
Mr. Completely
Ray Dawn Balloon
Last Tube
Ether Sunday

Featured Artists:
Tony Markellis - bass, vocals
Russ Lawton - drums, vocals
Jennifer Hartswick - trumpet, vocals
Ray Paczkowski - keyboards
Russell Remington - tenor saxophone, flute
Dave Grippo - alto and baritone saxophone
Andy Moroz - trombone
Cyro Baptista - percussion

Additional Musicians:
Dana Colley - saxophone
Rob Volo - trombone
Nicholas Payton - trumpet
Curtis King Jr. - vocals
Lisa Fisher - vocals
Sharon Bryant - vocals
David Gusakov - violin
Laura Markowitz - violin
Ana Ruesink - viola
Mike Hopkins - double bass
John Dunlop - cello
Stacey Brubaker - flute
Karen Kevra - flute
Ann Greenawalt - oboe, English horn
Steve Klimowski - clarinet, bass clarinet
Craig Olzenak - bass clarinet
Margaret Phillips - bassoon
Shelagh Abate - French horn
Jocelyn Crawford - French horn
Peter Wilson - timpani
Tom Toner - marimba
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